'hood. (by on montague)
It’s been like a good few years since it happened and I’m having a harder time than usual dealing with the fact I can’t pick up the phone and text or call him. I can’t even hear his voicemail anymore or anything like that. It’s just hitting home harder than ever recently that he’s no longer here.
The past few years have past uncomfortably fast.

It’s more difficult lately I think, because I feel like I’m forgetting parts of you. Like the little things and the big things. The exact sound of your laugh and they way you used to say things when you got mad. It doesn’t sound the same when I think about your laugh or even the sound of your voice anymore and it breaks my heart.
I’ll never forget the strength you gave me or the smiles you put on my face. You were the glue that kept us all together. Wherever or whatever the rest of the guys have been up to the past few years I hope you’re watching over them.

Saying I miss you seems pointless, it doesn’t explain it at all but it’s a start.
I miss you, sweet boy.
Everything is going to be fine, you promised.
I’ll never forget you.

I’m having such a hard time with things lately. I don’t even know how to explain it.


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